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Battlefields tour: 15 nights

Arrive in London

Start this trip off in London, being sure to visit the Imperial War Museum (with their new First World War experience), the Churchill War Rooms, the National Portrait Gallery (with a stirring collection of portraits from the wars), Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral (taking special note of their war memorials). If time allows, do a walking tour (with themed walks about the First and Second World Wars), or do a daytrip to Hatfield House (the ancestral home of Elizabeth I - and also the training ground for the world's first combat tanks).

3 nights

Catch the train to Dover

Following in the footsteps of the soldiers from both wars, you're going to spend the night in Dover before catching the ferry across the Channel. In Dover, visit the austere and ancient Dover Castle high above the town - and explore how this castle has guarded England's shores from invasion for 20 centuries.

1 night

Catch the ferry to Calais

The evocative ferry ride across the Channel sets the mood for the tour to come. After picking up the rental car, drive to Ypres in Belgium and explore the town and the impressive Cloth Hall (which houses the moving In Flanders Fields Museum). Drive through Passchendaele and explore the monuments and sites before driving south to Arras. From Arras, visit the gravesite of renowed poet and surgeon, John McCrae (author of In Flanders Fields), as well as the remarkable Canadian National Vimy Memorial.

2 nights

Drive to Amiens

Amiens makes a great home base for lots of cemeteries and war memorials in the surrounding countryside. In the city, visit the spectacular cathedral - the tallest in France - complete with the gold-crusted skull of John the Baptist. One of the most moving monuments near Amiens is the Beaumont-Hamel Newfoundland Memorial.

2 nights

Drive to Honfleur

Take a vacation from your vacation and catch your breath by spending an afternoon and evening in the charming seaside town of Honfleur. Note that Samuel de Champlain left to discover Canada from this port.

1 night

Drive to the Juno Beach Centre

From Honfleur, it's off to a couple of Second World War memorials - including the spectacular and thought-provoking Juno Beach Centre. See the German bunker recently uncovered from within the sand dunes. From here, drive to the Bény-sur-Mer Canadian War Cemetery where Canadian soldiers from D-Day are buried. Then stop at your hotel near Bayeux for the night.

1 night

Drive to Boucéel

It's about a 90-minute drive from your hotel in Bayeux to the tiny village of Boucéel, where you will stay at a chateau run by a count and countess. Visit the nearby UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mont St-Michel (if you're lucky, you'll be there to witness their spectacular tides). A daytrip to Saint-Malo on the Brittany coast is well worth the drive.

2 nights

Drive to Rouen

It's about a three-hour drive from the chateau to Rouen, where your roadtrip ends. After dropping off the car and settling in at your hotel, spend a day and a half exploring this ancient town. Rouen is the place where French heroine Joan of Arc was killed. The Maid of Orléans led French forces to several key victories during the Hundred Years War. Because of her persistent claims that she heard the voice of God, she was arrested and tried on charges of heresy. She was burned at the stake here.

2 nights

Catch the train to Paris

You will have just one evening in Paris, so make the best of your time. Pick one or two places that you want to visit and then enjoy a leisurely meal, reminiscing over the many memorable places you visited during your Battlefields tour. The next morning, it's your flight home.

1 night

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