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Whether you're staying in the heart of London or Birmingham, or in small towns like York or Bath, history envelops you wherever you go in England. Explore London's many museums, walk the Roman walls of York or discover the ancient site of Stonehenge. England's got it going on.


It's hard to do all of France in a single trip. So, break it down by area – the Loire Valley, Normandy, Provence, the Côte d'Azur or Paris – and learn to love it all. Each region specializes in its own unique food and wine, and the geography is vastly different from one end of the country to the next.


I can never get enough of Italy. From the decadent decay of Venice to the ancient ruins of Rome, there's lots to see and do. Recharge on the Cinque Terre, drift through the Lake District, relax in Tuscany and Umbria, immerse yourself in the art and food of Florence or gasp along the Amalfi Coast. Andiamo!


Don't be fooled by the clichés of Scotland. There's more to this wee place than just haggis and whisky. Explore the beautiful cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh, hike in the Highlands, wander castle ruins, discover majestic and awe-inspiring scenery. And then you can stop for a whisky.


From canals and coffeehouses in Amsterdam to resplendent synagogues in Prague, from the rustic charm of Croatia's Dalmatian coast to the majesty and grandeur of Austria, from the beer and mussels of Belgian cafés to the history and beauty of so many other places ... there's a lot more to Europe than you thought!

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