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Venice, Veneto, Milan and Cinque Terre: 15 nights

Arrive in Venice

Start this northern Italian excursion with a week in Venice, taking in the sights and sounds of this remarkable and magical city - with daytrips out to the lagoon islands, further afield to Padua, Verona and Vicenza and possibly even a meal in Bologna, the home of lasagna and tortellini.

7 nights

Catch the train to Milan

It's an easy train ride to Milan from Venice, where you can luxuriate in this world of ancient meets modern. From its immense and elaborately decorated duomo (don't miss walking around on the roof) to its classy shops in a glorious Art Nouveau building (deemed the world's oldest shopping mall) to the vibrant masterpiece of Da Vinci's Last Supper, Milan has it covered. Possible daytrip out to Lake Como anyone?

4 nights

Catch the train to Cinque Terre

Enjoy this vacation from your vacation getaway ... stay in one of the five towns clutching the hillside along the coast of the Cinque Terre. Not major sights here, but do yourself a favour and wander the coastal path from town to town, take a boat back, lounge on the beach, sip some classic local white wine and maybe even munch on some sweet cactus fruit. Talk about far niente ...

3 nights

Take the train back to Milan

To make sure you catch your flight home, be sure to go back to Milan for your final night. Enjoy one last passeggiata with your favourite gelato, pour another glass of that robust red wine, and savour your last meal in Italy. Well, at least for this trip ...

1 night

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