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Croatia (Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Korčula, Hvar, Split, Plitvice, Pula and Rovinj) and Venice: 20 nights

Arrive in Zagreb

From North America, the easiest city to fly into is Croatia's capital, Zagreb.

3 nights

Fly to Dubrovnik

From Zagreb, it's a quick flight to Dubrovnik.

3 nights

Catch the ferry to Korčula

This phase of the trip involves some island hopping on the easy-to-use ferry system, starting with Korčula.

2 nights

Catch the ferry to Hvar

The next stop on our island tour of Croatia is Hvar.

2 nights

Catch the ferry to Split

We return to the mainland after taking the ferry to Split. With a daytrip to the magnificent Plitvice National Park, this part of the trip will be unforgettable.

3 nights

Catch the bus to Pula

Pula is another Croatian city worth a visit.

2 nights

Catch the bus to Rovinj

Rovinj has a strong Italian feel to it, given that it once was part of the Venetian empire.

2 nights

Catch the ferry to Venice

The ferry will get you into Venice early, so enjoy the day wandering around. Visit the many churches, the islands in the lagoon or make a daytrip to nearby Padua or Verona. Savour Venice after dark, when most of the tourists and cruise ships have departed.

3 nights

Fly home

If you can't get a direct flight home, you may have to transfer in Frankfurt, Germany.

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