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Christmas markets tour: 16 nights | 10 cities | 5 countries

Arrive in Brussels, Belgium

Begin this holiday festival in Brussels, with daytrips to Bruges, Aachen (Germany) and Lille (France) for some of this area's best Christmas markets. Plan an intense day in Brussels itself. Save some room for moules et frites (mussels and fries).

5 nights

Catch the train to Strasbourg, France

The train to Strasbourg takes about four hours (via Paris). With a daytrip to the beautiful little town of Colmar, enjoy these typically French Christmas markets. Strasbourg is also worth a visit for the resplendent cathedral and its warming raclette.

3 nights

Catch the train to Nuremberg, Germany

From Strasbourg, it's a lengthy train ride (5 hours, via Stuttgart), so sit back and relax and enjoy the countryside as you enter Germany. Nuremberg is one of the premier Christmas markets. A daytrip to Rothenberg completes this part of Europe.

3 nights

Train to Vienna, Austria

After a four-hour train ride from Nuremberg, you'll be in Vienna - the capital of Austria. See how the Austrians do Christmas in this spectacular market.

3 nights

Train to Prague, Czech Republic

For the last leg of the journey, take the train from Vienna to Prague in the nearby Czech Republic. Discover the Christmas market here and maybe even pick up a piece of Czech crystal.

2 nights

Fly home

If you can't get a direct flight home, you may have to transfer in Frankfurt, Germany.

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